TabArt has two Art Studios. One studio is situated close to the rural village of Edzell which lies a short distance from the Angus Glens.  The other art studio is in the historic fishing village of Fittie in Aberdeen.

Commissions are welcomed.

Giclee Prints

Signed giclee prints are available for all of my paintings in various sizes starting at postcard size.

All prints are supplied with mount and backing board. Postage & Packing will vary depending on print selection. Prints will be flat packed.

What is a Giclee Print?

The word 'giclee' pronounced 'zhee-clay' is a French word that means 'to spray'. A giclee print is made by using a highly sophisticated and very expensive ink jet printer. Its drum-based technology creates prints that are almost identical to the original artwork. It is a large printer, capable of printing to extra-large sizes.


Its proprietary inkjet calibration system results in virtually continuous tone prints. This means that the dot pattern which can be easily discernable on ordinary prints is much finer, closer together, more random and more precise. The combination of specially formulated inks and unique pre-print system produces an extremely high quality print.

The quality of papers used are a heavy fine art water colour paper with little or no acid content. The paper's pours absorb the acrylic inks and cure with highly saturated brilliant colour for life-like detail.


Preservation and Longevity

It is not advisable to hang any art in the direct sunlight, as this will eventually damage the work (this applies to artwork in any medium, including oils). Provided your prints are correctly framed or stored, they should last you a lifetime.

Original Artwork

Prices for original artwork can be requested.